March 16, 2014

[ROM][PORT] MIUIv3 for Samsung Galaxy Pocket


This is a ROM that ported to SGP by Bilal and teztaz--v3@xda-dev.

Original source (in Indonesian, you must join this Facebook group first):

- This ROM is only for Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300/B/L variant only.
- Try this at your own risk.

- Phone & SMS: Better Call & SMS experience.
- Over 200 functions: Make life a bit easier
- Reliable protection: Equipped with Kingsoft, Wall-E, LBE and other security software to protect device        contents.
- Customization on another level: Personalized themes, numerous lockscreen and a variety of MiSpace to        choose from.
- Larger font sizes: Making your phone adjust to your eye vision, not vice versa.

- Themes (no idea why)
- Small icons
- Off charging (no animation)
- FM Radio
- Offline Charging
- USB Storage Mode (sometimes working)
- Some CM Parts (Render Effect)
- Up n Down Internet Arrow
- IMEI not detected (but you can make calls, internet and messaging)

How to install?
- Download ROM below and put it into your SD card.
- Enter CWM recovery and wipe data and also wipe cache.
- Mount everything.
- Install this ROM.
- Mount everything again.
- Flash this Google Apps.
- Reboot.


- Allah SWT
- teztaz--v3
- Psychogame
- Whitexp
- Madteam
- percy_g2
- Patrisius Wogananda
- Amarullz
- Maroc-os
- Vivekkalady
- Squadzone
- vM00
- InfinityShooter
- Jasper
- Hizkia Widyo
- XDA members
- You

- Google for it :)