March 27, 2014

[ROM][CM7.2] CyanMobile eXperience for Samsung Galaxy Pocket


This is a ROM that made by cleverior.ipul@xda-dev. It has backported features from Android 4.x.x.

Original source (in Indonesian, you must join this Facebook group first):

- This ROM is only for Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300/B/L variant only.
- Try this at your own risk.
- Backup your data first (optional)!

- Backported features from Android 4.x.x
- Bluetooth tethering
- Many customizations.
- More....
Some tips

- Don't lock the screen when Bluetooth is turned on else your phone will reboot.
- FM Radio (no audio)
- Play Store: Error 919 while installing process with apps that downloaded via WiFi
   FIX: 1. Settings -> Accounts -> Google, delete all Google Accounts.
           2. Settings -> Tab applications -> Manage applications -> tab “All”. Find Download Manager, Google Play Store, dan Google Services Framework and clear cache dan data untuk ketiganya. Uninstall updates for Play Store (if available).
           3. Reboot.

How to install?
- Boot into CWM recovery
- Wipe data
- Wipe cache
- Flash the ROM attached below
- Flash Google Apps attached below (optional)
- Reboot


 - ROM:

 - Google Apps:

- amarullz for AROMA installer
- squadzone
- teztaz si rama
- cleverior.ipul
- pocketsystem