March 9, 2014

[APP] Now Browser


This is a browser that made by Jeeko from xda-developers. It is proved to be fastest among others.

Original thread:

- This app is for all Android devices.

★ Google Now themed
★ Powerful tabbed browsing
★ Navigation gestures: (thanks to Lighting Browser for concepts)
- Swipe from left to right to go to the next page
- Swipe from right to left to go to the previous page
- Double-tap on a zoomed page to fit the screen perfectly
- Long press a tab to close it
- Long press the back button to exit from the browser
★ Support for Flash Player, to play web games on your smartphone!
★ X Connectionsave Mode™*: don't charges images to save your
3G traffic limit (Pro only)
★ Incognito Mode
★ Differents user agent (Desktop, Phone)
★ Java Script Acceleration*: Use Java Script Superfast Mode to speed
the performance of Java Scripts three times higher (Pro only)
★ Full screen mode
★ Working History

★ Importable bookmarks

Download: (free version) (pro version)