March 11, 2014

[ROM][DEV][UNOFFICAL] bieltv.3's CyanogenMod 9.1 for SGY (Beta 3 = 16 April 2014)


This is a ROM that made by bieltv.3 from xda-developers. It is more stable than percy_g2's unofffical CyanogenMod 9 build.

Original thread:

- This ROM is only for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360/B/L variant only.
- This build is still experimental although it is better than percy_g2's build.
- Try this at your own risk.

- Full HW accleration (Thanks to Broadcom)
- Media scanner working 100% (Due to the Broadcom sources)
- CRT animation, rotation animation, all animation working smooth.
- Boot time reduced with new kernel

- ROM:
  - Audio (only back speakers is working)
  - Camera
  - Trebuchet is laggy, use another launcher instead.
  - Some layout issues
  - WiFi is working, but the signal strength at status bar isn't showing.
  - Broken RIL
  - Microphone
  - Cannot download apps from Play Store (fix here)
- Kernel:
  - SIM contacts reading
  - Sometimes CWM can't find /cache/recovery/log

How to install? (Follow properly)
1. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Be on a stock ROM, installation will be cleaner
2. Download THIS EXT4 tool, the Kernel and the Rom on your device.
3. Flash on Samsung recovery (or your recovery if you are not on stock), this temp. CWM (by bieltv.3)
4. When you are on the Temp. CWM, flash the EXT4 Formatter tool, so whole system will be converted to     EXT4. (Stock filesystem is RFS)
5. After the installation, flash the kernel attached below
6. When the Kernel is installed, go to the CWM, to advanced --> reboot recovery (this will reboot the           device, and turn it on on the new CWM of kernel)
7. Wipe data, cache and dalvik cache.
8. (IMPORTANT) Go to mounts and storage, and make sure system is mounted (will show unmounted) mount it 2 times!
9. Go to install zip from SD Card, choose zip from SD card and install this ROM. (MAKE SURE installation last more than 5 seconds, if is less than 5 seconds, your system is unmounted! repeat step 8).
10. Mount the System again and install GApps (Optional).
11. After installation, go back and reboot system, if you made it good, ROM boots, so no problem on it.




Changelog (Beta 3):
- Improved HW drivers implementation
- Fixed Audio coming through speakers
- New audio libs built from source (legacy ALSA - Nexus S)
- Fixed USB Mass Storage (USB connected through PC)
- Fixed Sensors adding memsicd to build and new Sensor libs
- Fixed accelerometer (rotation screen, smooth effect)
- Fixed proximity sensor (on calling)
- First support of open-sourced liblights (future BLN support - not included)
- First work done on fixing battery stats (Settings -> Battery, not working atm)
- Fixed LDPI values for trebuchet and framework
- Added back small and simple file Manager (requested)
- Deleted double de-fines on build.prop
- New property overrides took from CM9 of msm7x27 devices (untested)
- Improved stability of CM9 on BCM devices
- Updater-script like CM9 official (removing Kernel install)
- Improved device tree