January 26, 2014



This is the lastest firmware (October 2013) for GT-S5300 variant.

It is faster than DXLK1. I can flash custom kernels without problems, no IMEI issues, all working fine.

Model: GT-S5300
Country: United Kingdom (H3G)
Version: Android 2.3.6
Changelist: 1205711
Build date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 06:13:00 +0000
Product Code: H3G
CSC: S5300H3GLG2

Download link (ripped from Samfirmware): http://terafile.co/9a810920d932/S5300XXLJ4_S5300H3GLG2_H3G.zip

[ROM][19/02/2014][DISCONTINUED] PureKAT v3.0 [AOSP]


This is the rom that made by san122 and MuSaddiq from xda-developers.com . It is a KitKat themed rom based on AOSP ROM for SGY GT-S5360/B/L.

This ROM is only for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360, GT-S5360B & GT-S5360L variants only.\
Try it at your own risk.


1. A simple and unique pure rom.
2. Holo Launcher as default one(Latest Kk Edition).
3. Revamped StatusBar.(Added 3 more tabs + Swipe to remove notifications)
4. Themed framework from scratch(Added Task Manager Button in recent apps)
5. Pure Preferences included to control whole rom from one place.
6. Latest version of Link2SD.
7. Latest Version of PlayStore.
8. Adaway hosts file (To remove adds).
9. New PureKAT BootAnimation (Simple -For faster booting)
10. Modded MIUI Music Player.
11. Beats app for better music quality.
12. Revamped Dialer and Contacts.
13. EDT tweaks included.
14. And much more..

Changelog for v2.5:
- Added RTL (Right to Left language) support
- Fixed all major bugs (except browser bug)
- Made some changes in framework
- Dialer and Contact app themed fully like KitKat
- Removed all tweaks as they are making phone boot slower.

Screenshots (v1.0, v1.5):

Screenshot (v2.5):

How to install:

1.Install Percy's cm #2 kernel via CWM (http://galaxyypocketfans.blogspot.com/2014/02/kernel-percycm2.html)
2.Boot into cwm.
3.Format data,system,and cache.
4.Mount everything.
4.Wipe Data and Cache.
6.Choose install zip from sdcard.
7.Select the rom.
8. Enjoy!!





Update (V1.5, OTA for V1.0)

Update (V2.0, full ROM):

Update (V2.5, OTA for V2.0):


Update (v3.0, full ROM):

Fang Leone
luqman98 (this blog owner)

[SHARE][AROMA] SwitchSu - Change Root app in seconds


This is a tool that made by hnkotnis from xda-developers.com
This will be useful if you want to get rid of Superuser by ChainsDD (no longer updated). You can change from Superuser to SuperSU and vice versa easily.

1) Changes Root Access App in seconds (Depends on your speed)
2) Latest Superuser and SuperSU included.
3) After changing, if you revert back, then app access history and permissions remain same.
Example- If I allow ROM Toolbox Pro from Superuser, then switch to SuperSU. Then I revert back to Superuser, ROM Toolbox is still in the list.
(But it won't appear in SuperSU list of course).
4) First it semi-unroots/partially unroots your phone.
5) Then completely roots again with new Root Access Manager App.

How to use this?
1) Download file from attachment. Put in root of SD Card.
2) Flash with CWM. No need to mount anything.
3) Follow on-screen instructions.
4) Choose Root Access app which you want to install.
5) Reboot and ENJOY!!!

Coming soon!

January 25, 2014

[APP][2.3+] Galaxy Note 3 Launcher V1.5


This is the Note III alike launcher for devices running Gingerbread 2.3 and above.

Original thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2610114



Install as normal APK.

1] Completely Themed as NOTE 3 Launcher.
2] HD icons
3] Many internal app tweaks .
4] Quick Start-up. 
5] Super Smooth as Butter 
6] App Drawer Tweaks 
7] New SS Added 
8] 4 x 4 Grid menu, small indicators , small font , HD icons
9] Many internal app tweaks .
10] Quick response. 
11] Size reduced by 100 kb 
12] New SS Added 
13] New and improved icons.
14] NOTE III Page indicator 
15] Added Note 3 Themed Unread counts .
16] Added Sort Apps,Hide Apps and Uninstall Apps Feature  
17] Touchwiz styled Menu 
18] Touchwiz Transition
19] Empty page reminder 
20] Stable on CM 11,10.2,10.1,9
21] Stable on Android 4.4.2, 4.3.1, 4.2.2, 4.1.2, 4.0.4, 2.3.6

January 24, 2014

[MOD][TWEAKS] VulpiX v4.0 RC1 (15 March 2014)


This is the mod that made by Nitzz from xda-developers.com.

It is the best tweak ever for me combined with lastest firmware update for my Pocket (IMHO).

Original thread:

- Rooted device
- CWM Recovery
- Android 2.3+
- Stock and stock based ROMs only ATM.
- Nandroid backup (Optional).


- Greatly increases the score AnTuTu
- Radically improved management of ram(Using Hard Multitasking Tweak)
- Improves a lot the graphics (found a new way to integrate bravia engine parts in mod)
- Scan multimedia time drastically reduced
- Network Improvements
- All SQlite database optimized
- Android performances improved
- Enable hardware features turned off by default for a better experience on entry level devices
- Cleans the system every 24 hours, the cache every week and the Dalvik every month
- Reduces the startup time of Android
- Allows you to play ported games without lags
- Automatically Zipalign apks on each boot
- NEW BEATS AUDIO V2.0 INCLUDED (by himself)
- New Enhanced LOOPY SMOOTHNESS tweak (Much more buttery smooth)
- V6 supercharger parts included
- Launcher loading is much faster than before
- Boot time decreased
- The battery is calibrated on every boot
- Drastically decreased the drainage of battery
- Check the activities that consume too much battery stop them
- When the phone is charging reduces system services for faster charging
- Improvements in build.prop
- Disable animation of the system when the battery is nearly exhausted
- Enables a non-aggressive dithering to save CPU
- When you lock the device, the engine makes sure that the GPU is turned off
- Enables deep sleepalso in the bugged rom
- Parts of bravia engine
- Parts of CrossBreeder (credits to dev)
- Parts of Adrenaline Engine (credits to dev)
- Generates video entropy (like seeder app)
- V6 superchargerparts included
- Beats audio 2.0 added
- Slightly improves the scaling of the frequencies (for better results you should try deviant or kuro kernel for Galaxy Y)
- Lightens the load on the CPU switching the workload to GPU rendering
- Enable the swap partition in Android (experimental)
- More...

How to install?
1.-shutdown ur cell.
2.-press and hold volume up button+home+power button.
u ll be on stock recovery now.
3.-flash cwm zip(GO TO CWM NOW)
4.-mount system and data
5.-flash the zip and reboot


http://www.mediafire.com/download/6h1vnxfjxf5bn5j/signed_VulpiX_v4.0RC1.zip (stock version).

http://www.mediafire.com/download/vgcy72uj23pb3do/signed_VulpiX_v4.0RC1_CMaosp.zip (AOSP (based) version).

http://www.mediafire.com/download/e7an9fpyhro71o5/signed_VulpiX_Ram_Manager.zip (RAM manager config intended for low-end devices)

http://www.mediafire.com/download/t2k6rpfaky2bq5y/Beats.apk (Install this if your current ROM didn't have any sound manager like DSP manager, Viper4Android, etc.)



Download link for Old versions:




- v4.0RC1 (Stock version):
  - Most stable n best Build Till date.. 
  - Permissions integration fixed for hyper files.
  - Revamped updater script.
  - Improved balancing between CPU n GPU (improved rendering n shifting of load between them).
- v4.0 RC1 (AOSP (based) version):
  - all features are same like stock edition.

January 23, 2014

[TWEAKS/MODS][2.3.6 - 4.1.2] Dash-On-Mod V3.1


This is a mod that made by JynAlek. It is the successor a.k.a improved version of his previous Broadcom Booster mod.


- Ad blocker
- Task killer with minimum consumption.
- Enabled init.d support on kernels without init.d support.
- Excellent RAM management.
- Other surpises....

- An Android phone running 2.3.x - 4.1.2.
- CWM Recovery
- Terminal Emulator (optional, to use "boost" command).

How to install?
- Boot to CWM recovery.
- Select "Install zip from sdcard".
- Select "Choose zip from sdcard".
- Flash the downloaded file.
- Reboot.



January 2, 2014

[SHARE][HACK][3G only] Faster data cellular speed


This is a tweak that made by bahathir from xda-developers.

It will speed up your data cellular/packet speed by compressing TCP/IP header (vj).

If your carrier/mobile network provider supporting TCP/IP header compressing, then it should work for you.

Download here

Original thread

1. Extract the file above with Zarchiver or B1 Free Archiver or equivalent app.

2. Go to the extracted 7z and move the file inside it (options) to:

3. Change the file permission to:


r - x
r - x
r - x

4. Reboot and profit!

Doesn't work? Simply delete "options" file in /system/etc/ppp and reboot.

Confirmed carriers:
Malaysia - Celcom
India - Vodafone
United Kingdom - 3 "Three" (Maybe it should work with 3 (Tri) Indonesia)

Anyway, if your get data packet speed improvements with your carrier rather than mentioned above, please leave your comments here.