March 23, 2014

[KERNEL][CM7.2][EXT4] angpysha_kernel v1.1 (25 March 2014)


This is a kernel that made by angpysha@xda-dev.

Original thread:

- This kernel is only for CyanogenMod 7.2 build by bieltv.3 and ROMs based on it.
- This kernel is only for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360/B/L.
- Try this at your own risk.

- Dualboot
- DroidWall (iptables) support
- CM7 and CM9 support
- Frequencies (MHz):
  - 156,312,624,780,832,936,1040
- Dualboot support
- Governors:
  - Lazy, ondemand, interactive, interactivex, perfomance, smartassv2, powersave, userspace, conservative, SmartassH3, intellidemand2, intellidemand, darkside, AssWax, agresive, powercats,
- I/O scheduler:
  - cfq, deadline, noop, vr, zen

- Some governor didn't function properly.

How to install?
1. Boot into CWM.
2. Mount everything.
3. Flash this kernel.
4. Reboot.

Download (v1.1):

Changelog (v1.1):
- Added new governor and I/O scheduler
- Deleted 1248mhz frequency.