March 20, 2014

[ROM][CM7.2] Reincarnation Rom Series v5 | Touchwiz Nature UX Edition [20 March 2014] for SGY


This is a ROM that made by Rhievaldo@xda-dev. It is based on CyanogenMod 7.2 build by bieltv.3.

Original thread:

- This ROM is only for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360/B/L variant only.
- Try this at your own risk.


With Aroma Installer, this ROM give your customization:-
1. Select your Statusbar style. (Gradient/Transparent/Normal)
2. Select your GPS continent
3. Select your GPS country, you can leave this if your country isn't present.
4. Option to install Int2extV2+ unofficial script by Stryke to expand your internal storage.

> 2.3.8 Bluetooth versions
> Reincarnation Engine v.3
> BLN work
> Better Battery life
> Build.prop tweaks (very clean tweaks)
> Built in flash player 11
> Faster GPS lock
> Full GPU rendering
> Integrated host file for adblocker
> Media profile tweaks
> Reincardio Engine, give excellent music quality and best overall audio engine
> Removed beep volume panel
> WIfi tehering really work fine
> Pre-Installed (optional) in2extv2+ script to expand your internal storage..

Features and Interface:-
> S4 Launcher
> S4 Lockscreen with real flare effect and sound effects,
> S4 Styled Statusbar
> Stock My files
> Stock Memo, modded and renamed to S Memo
> Stock CM Calendar modded and renamed to S Planner
> Stock CM Calculator modded
> Stock Touchwiz Desk Clock
> Samsung Keypad
> S4 Music player (base is MIUI Music Player)
> Quicpic gallery
> Samsung stock task manager
> Samsung digital clock widget
> Added Proximity Lockscreen
> Videos like stock samsung video app
> Beautifull CyanogenMod Lockscreen
> Added Photo Clock Widget
> Modded and Included Camera Flash fix
> 2.3.8 Screenshot apps
> Android 4.x title bar
> Android 4.x notification panel
> Android 4.x window animation and transition.
> Android 4.x security lockscreen
> New Touchwiz boot animation
> 29 Beauty touchwiz Wallpaper included in Launcher

- Some black on blue on contact picker,,
- Dialpad layout on dialing screen need fix.
- All bugs in CM7.2 by bieltv.3.

How to install?
1. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Be on a stock ROM, installation will be cleaner.
2. Download THIS EXT4 tool, the kernel and this ROM on your device.
3. Flash on Samsung recovery (or your recovery if you are not on stock), this temp. CWM (by bieltv.3)
4. When you are on the Temp. CWM, flash the EXT4 Formatter tool, so whole system will be converted to     EXT4. (stock filesystem is in RFS)
5. After the installation, flash the kernel attached below
6. When the kernel is installed, go to the CWM, to advanced --> reboot recovery (this will reboot the           device, and turn it on on the new CWM of kernel)
7. Wipe data, cache and dalvik cache.
8. (IMPORTANT) Go to mounts and storage, and make sure system is mounted (will show unmounted) mount it 2 times!
9. Go to install zip from SD Card, choose zip from SD card and install this ROM. (MAKE SURE installation last more than 5 seconds, if is less than 5 seconds, your system is unmounted! repeat step 8).
10. Mount the System again and install GApps (Optional).
11. After installation, go back and reboot system, if you made it good, ROM boots, so no problem on it.




- Imbawind for part of Adrenaline Engine
- Slaid480 for Part of Fly-On Mod
- Geva28 for Beats Manager
- Probcomp for SMS Popup Notifier
- Amarullz for AROMA INSTALLER
- UOT Kitchen for ROM theming
- Shlnarang for S4 Launcher
- RedX Entertainment for Video Manager.apk
- VavanL for Guide to remove beep volume panel
- Ace-i Team, sniper killer and iamareebjamal for give me some knowledge with on off settings guide
- saldymhmd for On Off Setting Source
- Team nexus, get some knowledge with their Sources
- iamareebjamal for his guide for adding custom image to about phone and Add JB easter egg
- Spacecaker for some icon from their rom SGS III / IV JB Rom and Guide 4.2 Statusbar for GB
- Zeppelinrox for fixfc script binary
- Stryke for Unofficial Script Int2extv2+
- All developers of TouchWiz Resurrection ROM, my inspire ROM and some sources file.

Video review: