March 23, 2014

[GUIDE] Reduce RAM usage in your Android!


This is a guide that by phantomhell@xda-dev.

Original source (in Indonesian, you must join this Facebook group first):

- This guide should work with almost all Android devices.
- Prepare your brain before doing this xD
- Try this at your own risk.


- Install TDT Tweaks:
  1. Download the tweak here.
  2. Delete everything in /system/etc/init.d (you can use AROMA File Manager too)
  3. Flash the downloaded tweak above via CWM and reboot.
  4. Open Terminal Emulator, then type:
  5. This menu will appear:

  6. Select number 2 and 4.

- Edit build.prop:
  1. Open /system/build.prop via any root-enabled file manager.
  2. Add this line (edit if there is existing one).
  3. Save and reboot.

- Manage autorun with SD Maid:
  1. Download and install lastest SD Maid and its Pro key (google for it :D)
  2. Open the app.
  3. Pull the sidebar and choose AppControl.
  4. Choose the desired application to run (vice versa) at boot.
  5. Exit and reboot

- Manage RAM usage with RAM Manager Pro.
  1. Download and install RAM Manager Pro (google for it)
  2. Set RAM option to balanced.
  3. Enable "Set on boot"
  4. Open swap, then put in "(your external SD card mount point)"
  5. Choose the value that you want.
  6. Reboot.

- Manage app at RAM cache:
  1. Open Settings>Applications>Running services
  2. Open each app that you want to end (eg. BBM) then tap "End process"
  3. Menu>Show cached process
  4. Make sure that there is BBM process.
  5. Repeat for another application. (Not the system app)

- cleverior.ipul@xda who allowed to write this.
- Team TDT (script/tweaks)
- phantomhell@xda (me)
- om fdo, om lourey, om hero and others.
- All masters and members of ◄ ۞ஜ Galaxy Pocket FB Community ஜ ۞►