March 24, 2014

[ROM][CM7.2] CyanogenMod eXperience 2.3.8 for SGY


This is a ROM that made by bangprovn@xda-dev. It is based on CyanogenMod 7.2 by bieltv.3 and contains backported features from Android 4.x.x.

Original thread:

- This ROM is only for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360/B/L variant only.
- Try this at your own risk.

- Backported features from Android 4.x.x
- Bluetooth tethering
- Many customizations.
- More....
- Some tips

- USB tethering
- FM Radio
- Phone call answer ring not showing (Fix: Go to CyanMobile Settings>Calls>tick Allow Incall UI Touch)
- Blackened settings (Fix: Flash this)

How to install?
1. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Flash stock ROM first.
2. Download THIS EXT4 tool, the kernel and this ROM on your device.
3. Flash on Samsung recovery (or your recovery if you are not on stock), this temp. CWM (by bieltv.3)
4. When you are on the Temp. CWM, flash the EXT4 Formatter tool, so whole system will be converted to     EXT4. (stock filesystem is in RFS)
5. After the installation, flash the kernel attached below.
6. When the kernel is installed, go to the CWM, to advanced --> reboot recovery (this will reboot the           device, and turn it on on the new CWM of kernel)
7. Wipe data, cache and dalvik cache.
8. (IMPORTANT) Go to mounts and storage, and make sure system is mounted (will show unmounted) mount it 2 times!
9. Go to install zip from SD Card, choose zip from SD card and install this ROM. (MAKE SURE installation last more than 5 seconds, if is less than 5 seconds, your system is unmounted! repeat step 8).
10. Mount the System again and install GApps (Optional).
11. After installation, go back and reboot system, if you made it good, ROM boots, so no problem on it.




- BroadcomCM team
- CyanMobile for this ROM
- marcussmith2626

Video review: