November 19, 2014

[XPERIA_E1][ALL VARIANTS] Bootstrap for locked bootloaders


Here is the recovery that are INTENDED for all variants of Xperia E1 (single SIM, dual SIM & dual SIM with TV) with locked bootloaders.

- PhilZ Touch Recovery with CWM 6


EDIT: Seems like the link above is down. I have mirrored the file to various file sharing sites. The file name is Bootstrap Alpha

Google Drive

How to install:
1. Root your phone first.
2. Extract the downloaded zip.
3. Enable ADB at Settings> Developer Options> USB debugging.
4. Connect your phone to PC using USB cable
5. Run install.bat.

How to use:
1. Make sure that the phone is turned off.
2. Turn on the phone.
3. When you see notification  LED flashing in blue, press any key. (You may repeat the process once more again)