March 10, 2014

[GUIDE] Improve captured image & video quality


This is a guide that will improve your captured image & video quality captured with your phone or tablet.

- This guide will work with all Android devices and ROMs.

1. Look for media_profiles.xml at /system/etc and open it.

2. Find this line (there will be two lines, one for camera & another for video):
    <ImageEncoding quality="90"/>
    <ImageEncoding quality="80"/>
    <ImageEncoding quality="70"/>
    <ImageDecoding memCap="1000000"/>

3. Change the ImageEncoding quality value to this:
    <ImageEncoding quality="120"/>
    <ImageEncoding quality="110"/>
    <ImageEncoding quality="100"/>
    <ImageDecoding memCap="1000000"/>

4. Save (make sure that permission is still rw-r--r--) and reboot.

5. Profit?