March 13, 2014

[GUIDE] How to root your Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo @ Y Neo GT-S5310


This is a guide to root your Samsung Galaxy Y Neo or Pocket Neo GT-S5310/B/L.

Original thread:

- This method is ONLY for Samsung Galaxy Y Neo a.k.a Pocket Neo GT-S5310/B/L.
- This will increase your custom bin counter thus your warranty is void.
- Try this with your own risk.:::

Step 1. Getting software
1. Download Odin 3.0.7 here
2. Download CWM-based recovery here
3. Download update package for rooting here (Thanks to Phil3759@xda)
4. Download and install Samsung drivers\kies from this page.

P.S. Sorry for ugly file storage solution - Google Drive. If it will open the zip archive just click "File" menu and click "Download" (or use Ctrl+S combo).

Step 2. Flash the updates
1. Switch off the device. Hold "volume down"+"home" buttons and press power button. When device switch on release the power button but continue to hold volume down and home until Download mode warning appear. Plug in the USB cable and press volume up button to continue. The device will load in ODIN download mode.

2. Run ODIN 3.0.7. Don't change any setting (checkboxes) - leave them in default state. Your device should appear in "ID:COM" part of the screen as serial device (i.e. "COM38") - if not check if your USB port is functional and Samsung drivers installed correctly.

3. Click on PDA button and chose CWM recovery file saved during step 1.2. Don't rename or decompress the file - otherwise it will not work.
Wait until ODIN decompress the package and check the checksums. After it just press START button and wait until the process is over.

4. Copy update package for rooting on SD card and put the card in device's slot.

5. Switch off your device again. Hold "volume up"+"home" buttons and press power button to switch on. Don't release volume up and home until the recovery loaded. Use volume up and volume down buttons navigate to menu item "apply update from external sdcard" and press power button to select an option. Then navigate to file and press power button again.
Notice: you can use sideload feature instead of using SD card: in recovery run "update from sideload" and on your computer run the following command:
adb sideload rooting_package_filename

6. Done. Your device should be rooted now. You can check it with various free programs like Root Checker available at Google Play Store.