February 22, 2014



This is a ROM that made by DvikzzDroid from xda-developers. It is based on CyanogenMod 7.2 for SGY.

- This ROM is only for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 (might works on GT-S5360B/L, but not for GT-S5369).
- Do it with your own risk.

Original thread:

- Gapps Included
- Smooth, With Minimal Script Init.D
- Holo KitKat UI
- Latest CM7.2 sources for Custom Kernel and Stock Kernel
- Reincardio Engine, The Reincarnation Of Audio Engine
- Apollo Music Player
- No Useless Apps

How to install?
1. Download the rom given below.
2. Place it in the root of your sd card.
3. Reboot to recovery and flash percy@cm#2 kernel or BlackReactor's ones.
4. Reboot again to CWM and under mounts and storage, format system, data and cache.
5. Go back and wipe data and cache.
6. Again go to mounts and storage and mount system,data,cache and sd card.
7. Flash the rom
8. Wipe data and reboot.


http://www.mediafire.com/download/wmrbu58lta7tvw1/AeronMOD%231.2.1.zip (1.2.1, full ROM)

http://www.mediafire.com/download/0jz54ki7p4dr647/Patch#1.2.2.zip (1.2.2, patch for 1.2.1)

http://www.mediafire.com/download/jqtq6woo9my1ktf/AeronMOD#1.2.4.zip (1.2.4, flash after flashing patch 1.2.2)

- AeronMOD #1.2.1
  - Included Bravia Engine
  - Removed Fo
  - Added File Manager
  - Added Wallpaper Picker
  - Added New Bootanimation

- Patch#1.2.2
  - Removed Bravia Engine because is Useless :p

- Patch#1.2.4
   - Include Reincarnation Engine V1.1
   - New added Framework-Res
   - New Added Contacts
   - MMS Settings Fixed