February 17, 2014

[GT-S5360][BroadcomCM team] Temp. ClockWorkMod recovery


This is a temp. recovery for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 and it is made by BroadcomCM team (the members are bieltv.3, SpaceCaker and more).

- Colors are finally fixed.
- CWM recovery updated to (last final sources of CWM 5)
- Added BroadcomCM credits on recovery
- Ensure system and data to be ALWAYS mounted when you install a zip
- Don't need to mount more, as it is automaticly made (unmount too)
- Backup and restore working (EXT4 and RFS)
- All wipes that you can perform work on EXT4 and RFS too.
- LDPI letters for small screen devices
- We (BroadcomCM) have modded source of CWM to use power button as home button --> select item

- Cannot backup boot.img (kernel).

How to install?
- Flash this through stock or existing CWM recovery.