February 11, 2014

[AROMA] SGY Toolkit v1.8 [UPDATED]


This is a AROMA-based toolkit for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 that made by hnkotnis from xda-developers.

Original thread:

1) Rooting/Unrooting-
   a) Root your phone with basic root package. Superuser by ChainsDD, sqlite3, basic busybox, su binary.
   b) Unroot your phone and remove all traces of root, busybox, su binary, etc.
   c) Flash kernel.tar directly from recovery (Odinize)

2) Kernel Tools:-
   a) Backup your current kernel and save it as boot.img in root of the SD Card.
   b) Restore kernel from boot.img stored in root of SD Card.

3) SwitchSu:- (Currently only working on Cyanogenmod & AOSP, not working on stock)
    a) Remove all traces of SuperSU by Chainfire and Install Superuser by ChainsDD.
    b) Remove all traces of Superuser by ChainsDD and install SuperSU by Chainfire.

4) Adblocking Tools:-
    a) Install mother of ad blocking host file by BSDgeek_Jake.
    b) Install AdAway v4.7 Adblocking application.
    c) Remove all modifications of host file & install stock host file.

5) Miscellaneous Tools:-
    a) Pattern Lock Reset (After you use this, enter any wrong pattern to unlock)(PIN, Password may be removed).
    b) Bravia Engine 3 thanks to androite@XDA
    c) Kitkat Style Statubar created by hnkotnis. (REQUIRES SGY's STOCK/STOCK BASED DEODEXED ROM).
    d) beats Audio Engine thanks to Nitzz@XDA

- None

http://d-h.st/SZP (v1.0)

http://www.mediafire.com/download/da3b09h9h40kdw3/SGYToolkitbyHnkotnis.zip (Mirror by me, v1.0)

http://d-h.st/4bI (v1.8)

How to install?
Flash the downloaded zip above via CWM.


- Version 1.8 19th February, 2013:
Odinize Kernel.
Bootanimation Installer.
Fixed SwitchSu.
Added my ported Adobe Flash Player

- Version 1.7 12th February, 2013:
Fixed Kernel Restore Function.
All tweaks working.

- Version 1.5 11th February, 2013:
Adobe Flash Player Installer.
Fixed beats Audio not installing.