February 4, 2014

[APK] BlackBerry Messenger Beta


Recently, Research In Motion announced beta version of its BlackBerry Messenger for ARMv6 and Gingerbread users.

I had tried it and it is working good with almost no issue (expect some lag).

Download (modified APK):

Download (for Titanium Backup method):


How to install?
For modified APKs:
 - Install the downloaded file above as normal APK. (Root isn't needed)
Titanium Backup method:
 1. Download all related files on link that given above and you must have titanium backup installed or your BBM will keep on infinity loading .
 2. Install BBM For Gingerbread Beta.apk and don't open it.
 3. Now download backup files named "bbm-on-gb-tb-teztazsirama" above.
 4. Extract all and put the content inside /sdcard/TitaniumBackup
 5. Open titanium backup and restore BBM Data only
 6. After restore complete, now return to your BBM and open it, voila success

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