January 2, 2014

[SHARE][HACK][3G only] Faster data cellular speed


This is a tweak that made by bahathir from xda-developers.

It will speed up your data cellular/packet speed by compressing TCP/IP header (vj).

If your carrier/mobile network provider supporting TCP/IP header compressing, then it should work for you.

Download here

Original thread

1. Extract the file above with Zarchiver or B1 Free Archiver or equivalent app.

2. Go to the extracted 7z and move the file inside it (options) to:

3. Change the file permission to:


r - x
r - x
r - x

4. Reboot and profit!

Doesn't work? Simply delete "options" file in /system/etc/ppp and reboot.

Confirmed carriers:
Malaysia - Celcom
India - Vodafone
United Kingdom - 3 "Three" (Maybe it should work with 3 (Tri) Indonesia)

Anyway, if your get data packet speed improvements with your carrier rather than mentioned above, please leave your comments here.