January 26, 2014

[SHARE][AROMA] SwitchSu - Change Root app in seconds


This is a tool that made by hnkotnis from xda-developers.com
This will be useful if you want to get rid of Superuser by ChainsDD (no longer updated). You can change from Superuser to SuperSU and vice versa easily.

1) Changes Root Access App in seconds (Depends on your speed)
2) Latest Superuser and SuperSU included.
3) After changing, if you revert back, then app access history and permissions remain same.
Example- If I allow ROM Toolbox Pro from Superuser, then switch to SuperSU. Then I revert back to Superuser, ROM Toolbox is still in the list.
(But it won't appear in SuperSU list of course).
4) First it semi-unroots/partially unroots your phone.
5) Then completely roots again with new Root Access Manager App.

How to use this?
1) Download file from attachment. Put in root of SD Card.
2) Flash with CWM. No need to mount anything.
3) Follow on-screen instructions.
4) Choose Root Access app which you want to install.
5) Reboot and ENJOY!!!

Coming soon!