May 26, 2014

[ROM][PORT] Hyperion 9 GM Final Build for Samsung Galaxy Pocket


This is a ROM that made by phantomhell@xda-dev.

Original thread:

- This ROM is only for Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300/B/L variant only.
- Try this at your own risk.

- 2 Tabs Notifications
- Fully Working WiFi and USB tether
- Flashlight Included
- Gapps Included
- More...

- Apps on memory card disappears even after using phone as USB storage (Hot reboot will fix it)
- Reboot menu (use Download option)
- External SD won't show on Storage Properties (Settings menu) & in Task Manager, but still accessible

How to install?
1. Boot to CWM recovery mode by pressing volume up key + home button + power key until CWM recovery shows.
2. Select mounts and storage.
3. Mount /system, /data, /cache.
4. Go back by pressing the power button or the back key.
5. Select advanced and debugging.
6. Select wipe dalvik cache and wipe batterystats.bin (optional).
7. Go back by pressing the power button or the back key.
8. Select wipe data and wipe cache partition.
9. Select install zip from SD card.
10. Select choose zip from SD card.
11. Select the downloaded file below.
12. Reboot your phone.


- CarlDeanCatabay
- Audrie Gatcho
- Hyperion ROM dev
- Bilal Tawaqal