September 5, 2013

[ROM][UPDATE-FINAL(25/1/2014)][GT-S5360/B/L] miniROM TouchWizUX Inspired V3

Original thread:

This is Touchwiz 5 UX themed stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360/B/L

- Try at your own risk.
- Don’t think this rom is copy of Touchwiz Nature Mix (v2) rom. The fact is Touchwiz Nature Mix (v2) stolen from this rom. The thief even cannot change the label of miniROM TouchWizUX_Inspired.


AIO Update 5:

AIO Update final:

1. Download the rom zip file .
2. put the zip on your sd card.
3. Turn off your phone and boot into CWM recovery.
4. Wipe data and cache.
5. Flash the rom zip file.
6. Wipe data and cache.
7. Reboot the system and please wait for 2-5 minutes
8. When in the homescreen, the rom will automatically in Indonesian, so U need to change the language first,,go to "Pengaturan", find "Bahasa dan input, choose "Pilih Bahasa".

For update, you just directly flash it via CWM.